Start your own Profitable Chocolate Fountain Business

In the last 18 months/two years the Chocolate Fountain industry has exploded with a plethora of fresh and new faces springing up around the country - the UK. This is not just a UK phenomena, it is exploding all around the world.


The sale of mini Chocolate Fountains in the shops has boosted the desire to have a 'big' Chocolate Fountain at weddings, corporate parties, celebrity functions and the like.

89 -92% of Chocolate Fountains are run by part-time people wishing to make some extra money entertaining and giving people a GREAT time as well as having a great time themselves.

The Chocolate Fountain Guild in 2006 started to hold one day seminar/teaching days giving the inside story and secrets' of running a highly successful Chocolate Fountain business. Each seminar has grown in terms of numbers and the information given. Read some of the TESTIMONIALS said about our courses: CLICK HERE. Courses are held on a regualr basis; view seminar dates for a time to suit you.


The question we are asked literally many times per week is:


"How does one 'break-into' this new, exciting and growing industry?"


One can of course simply buy a Chocolate Fountain from one of the many dealers around the world. But what about the marketing, financing (buying a machine and equipment -and which one is 'best' for me?), the paperwork, the Health and Hygiene aspects, legality issues, making 'real money' and developing a highly profitable and sustainable business?

Where does one go to get this information? This is why we developed a hands-on Chocolate course for people wishing to enter into this business.

Since our inception, we have had people fly-in esepcially from Egypt, Norway, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia to partake in a course. We've had people wanting to go back to their home country and set-up their own Chocolate Fountain business in places such as: Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, France, The Netherlands and so on... This is TRULY a global (money-making) business.


"Really interesting course!! Everything was so clear, even for a Frenchman! Well concluded by Chris and Chris. They know really what they are talking about"

Franckie Bottero


As no doubt you have found (if you are thinking about this or infact ANY business) there is generally NO ONE to turn to to get 'real' help and advice! That is, practical, hands-on, down-to-earth advice from people in the business. There are plenty of 'Consultants' willing to take your money for 'advice', but how many of them are practicing what they preach?

For most businesses and entrepreneurs, the first year is a major learning curve with many, many mistakes being made. Some mistakes are costly and can set a business back - especially if one is on a tight budget. The Guild's Seminars will literally eliminate months and months of potential expensive mistakes and heartache showing short-cuts, where to market, how to market and much, much more - jump starting your business to making money faster. The fee for the course will certainly be insignificant when compared to how much you could or will spend 'experimenting' with ideas or how to do things.


"I came on this seminar so that I could start my own business with Chocolate Fountains. Chris and Chris are very friendly and helpful people to work with. I found the course VERY interesting, informative and a lot to take in!"

Nina Jandu


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The seminars are designed for just about any body with enthusiasm for 'doing their own thing' and making serious money for themselves (part-time or full-time) We are having young people in their early twenties right through to people in their early sixties starting their own Chocolate Fountain business and attending the seminars. The minimum age is 18 with no upper age! This is really an equal opportunities programme.


"I found your course extremely informative. I learnt loads informative information from; how to clean down the Chocolate Fountain to how to market the Chocolate Fountain effectively. I found your marketing tips invaluable. I cannot wait to put these tips into action."

Dione Williams


This website is designed to show how YOU can be successful in a very short time span.


PLEASE NOTE: we are not going to sell you anything, pursuade you to buy anything or generally 'take money off you'. The seminar / training courses are designed to desiminate information that will get you on the right road as fast as possible. Each seminar is limited in numbers in order for EVERYONE to feel comfortable, gain personal tuition, ask questions and feel 'part of the group'.


"I was feeling quite demoralized by this industry, but I now have renewed faith in this industry after attending this course. I hope I will have good news for you shortly".

Dione Williams